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D2P Pro

Newest Generation 2 x Portrait Smart Solar Tracking System

Exceptional Stability

EzTracker D2P Pro is characterized by high system stability throughout the life cycle, maximizing the energy output for solar plants.

Thanks to the patented multi-drive design, the system can still maintain excellent aeroelastic stability in extreme weather without dampers.

Versatile Applications

EzTracker D2P Pro can be flexibly used for sites with challenging soils, high winds, and irregular terrains. This system delivers a perfect solution for “Agriculture+PV” and “Fishery+PV” projects.

Product Details

Product Details

Key Benefits

Higher Power Density

With flexible 2P module configuration, EzTracker D2P Pro requires only nine posts to support up to 120 modules with 4×1,500V-strings.

Lower Construction Costs

Thanks to the innovative multi-drive design, no complicated transmission mechanism is required during installation and debugging. EzTracker D2P Pro also requires fewer parts, fasteners, and foundations for one single solar tracker per megawatt, which allows for significant savings of labor costs and shorter construction time even on challenging sites.

Higher Generation Performance

EzTracker D2P Pro is compatible with monofacial or bifacial PV modules up to 600W + . And it is integrated with the advanced AI control and energy yield enhancement platform.

Better Quality & Reliability

Quality and reliability are taken into account for the design and testing of every component and system across our supply chain and manufacturing operations. Optimized based on dynamic wind analyses, EzTracker ensures uptime and long-term durability.


EzTracker D2P Pro Introduction

Largest Tilt Angle Single-Axis Solar Tracker in China for 2020


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