Solar Tracking System

Improve Clean Power Harvesting

  • Clenergy is a solar tracking system supplier and a manufacturer guaranteed to deliver with exceptional precision internationally.
  • A leading global manufacturer that brings high-performance and innovative tracking systems to improve clean, renewable energy harvesting and production.
  • The company developed and engineered solar tracking systems specifically to offer versatility, stability, easy- maintenance, durability, and flexibility.
  • Clenergy, as a solar tracking system supplier and manufacturer, builds cost- effective solar plants to last and perform with high calibre at present and for future generations to benefit.

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Build Solar Plants to Last & Perform

Building your next solar plant could not be simpler, especially with Trackers that are cost-effective and built to last. Clenergy, the global market leader in PV mounting equipment, brings high-performance & smart Tracker systems to you.

The Clenergy portfolio consists of trackers with distributed actuation architecture, independently controlled, higher ground clearance versions, specialised versions for bifacial panels and so much more, delivering greater flexibility to your next solar farm.