Residential Solar Panel Systems

  • Solar energy is one, if not the most, abundant energy source on earth. It is both free and environment-friendly. It is readily available to almost everyone and is just waiting to be harvested.
  • Clenergy provides you with various options and solutions for your solar energy needs. Be it an independent off-grid system or a hybrid on-grid system, we have it all covered.
  • An energy power solution that is easy to install, understand, and operate is essential to every home. No technical jargon and mathematical equations are needed, just plain old plug-and-play equipment.
  • All of our products are backed with aftermarket support and warranty. We make sure that everything runs smoothly. From installation, troubleshooting, and after-sales support, all will be handled professionally and on time.

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Solar helps you take control of your energy and be more responsible towards our environment.

  • Your solar system is made up of a number of elements and products from different manufacturers & suppliers typically offered to you through an installer, electrician, energy or solar retailer
  • To ensure you get the best possible solar power system for your home, now and for the future, always ask for quality products that are reliable, quality-assured, and give you the confidence that your investment is going to last.
  • Clenergy solar mounting systems provide you with certainty and peace of mind that your solar solution is not only going to stand the test of time, but will be the best possible foundation for your home’s solar power.
  • Clenergy’s mounting system give you the sense of security and strength knowing that the frame for your solar panels, is built to last.
  • Solar helps you save resources and build a sustainable future.

With a solar mounting system from Clenergy, you get:

  • Manufactured with ISO accredited quality management system
  • Mounting systems designed to suit the majority of homes
  • Suitable for use with all types of solar panels
  • Products can be secured to your roof without damaging it
  • A mounting system that is built to last
  • Stylish designs with Silver of black colour options, that won’t sacrifice the  aesthetics of your home
  • Fully compliant to all relevant local standards.
  • 10 year warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a residential solar panel system?

Residential solar energy systems are energy installations that allow a home to generate its power supply and be a power generation device.
This type of renewable energy is often noticeable from afar because of the solar arrays commonly affixed on the rooftop.
However, new technologies are emerging, giving homeowners a choice. Solar energy is now harnessed where there is direct sun penetration, including balconies and the standard ground-mounted solar energy installation.

In addition, you can purchase all-black solar panels and mounting gear, which blend into your dark-shaded roof – giving you a nice finish.

Which spot of your house is the best for solar panels?

Northern Hemisphere – Panels facing South
Southern Hemisphere – Panels facing North

So far, one of the best ways to harness sunlight effectively is through a rooftop installation because it is the most exposed part of the house.
The open space on the roof provides an unhindered space where the solar cells can work to generate better power efficiency. But with technology, several other mounting techniques are emerging, including adjustable tilts, tripods, post mounts and balcony mounts.

How long do solar batteries last?

The longevity of a typical solar lithium-ion battery is anywhere from 5-10 years.
Certain factors can prolong the solar battery’s life, including limiting it to a one-time daily cycle and preventing them from overcharging.
Solar power batteries must also be kept at optimal temperatures to extend life expectancy.

What size are residential solar panels?

A typical residential solar panel does not exceed the 5.4 x 3.25 ft. (65 inches x 39 inches), although manufacturers have slight variations.
The current residential solar panel dimensions keep changing annually because of wattage size increases.

How much do residential solar panels cost?

The costs of a residential solar panel depend on its size and per kW capacity.
The price range, though, is also dependent on your home’s geographic location.
Given this, it is also better to check on government programs concerning renewable energy, as most have tax credits, discounts, and various incentives.

Will the solar energy system impact the value of my property?

Houses with a renewable energy source are known to sell more than most homes without these features as you own a power generation device to reduce how much you purchase from the grid.
However, the value of your property will only have a significant valuation if you own the land and structure rather than a rented or leased home.

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