Commercial Solar Panel Systems

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  • Clenergy is one of the leading solar equipment providers worldwide. We provide some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the market.
  • We offer both after-sales support and equipment warranty that outlast the rest of the competition.
  • Aside from top-notch quality equipment, we also provide a wide variety of mounting systems available for you to choose from.
  • With offices all over Europe and Asia, we can provide technical support to our customers along with the latest development in solar technology.

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Commercial products and services

  • For reliable commercial solar PV mounting systems, designed to last and outlive the life of a solar PV system, work with innovators of quality products delivered by experts.
  • Clenergy partners with you to help you deliver your project to cost and budget using an innovating product range, plus ease of installation.
  • Cost effective solutions
    Innovative products
    Quick and easy installation
    Built to last
    10 year warranty
    Designs that complement your existing building

Accreditation services for compliance

  • To deliver the best possible return on your investment, Clenergy offers a wide range of accreditation services to assess and prepare your site and project for mandatory and beneficial compliance standards.
  • We offer services for soil tests, site inspection, layout and engineering certifications to design a fully compliant solution.

Expert service and support

  • Clenergy products are available in over 19 countries with offices in China, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and the UK allowing us to gather a wide range of experience internationally.This helps us to give you the best in expert technical service and support.
  • Cost effective solutions
    Innovative products
    Quick and easy installation
    Built to last
    10 year warranty
    Designs that complement your existing building

Cut planning time in half :

  • Engineering Services (Australia, China & Japan)
  • Help create the most accurate bill for materials with ezQuote (Australia & Thailand)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial solar panel system?

Commercial solar panels are more commonly intended for businesses or communities requiring higher energy collection and output. These PVs and mounting systems can collect clean energy much more efficiently than a residential solar panel. These systems are made of the same structure with a grid-like pattern and arrangement.

Is there a difference between commercial and residential solar panels?

Commercial and residential solar panels comprise the same components, including photovoltaic cells, EVA film layers, toughened protective glass, junction boxes, and polymer back sheets. Often, what makes them different are the panel sizes and their capacity. Commercial solar panels produce more power, while smaller residential PVs have less power. Efficiency-wise, commercial PVs are better than residential solar panels.

Are commercial solar panels worth it?

Yes. Commercial solar arrays are worthy investments, given that the sector continues to have an elevated market demand. Renewable energy is a viable power source for commercial, agricultural, and industrial settings. In addition, it allows managers and owners to save on operational costs and energy expenses.
Governments from most countries provide certain tax-exempt benefits to companies and businesses offering the adaption of renewable energy. You can take advantage of lucrative incentives like tax exemptions, operational loans, and high investment returns.

How much electricity can a commercial solar panel generate?

It is essential to understand that the amount of energy a commercial solar farm generates depends on how the PVs within the grid. But on average, a standard PV system might have a 350w rating, and better-rated solar panels can expend as much as 520w of energy. So, at least 30 solar panels should be working for a commercial solar farm to generate 10,000kWh of energy yearly.

How much does a commercial solar array system cost?

A commercial solar panel system costs before tax rebates range from $43,000 to $175,000. The capacity range for this pricing is anywhere from 25kW to 100kW. Governments from different countries also provide incentives to renewable energy sources through rebates or tax credits.

How many years do commercial PVs last?

The average lifespan of a commercial solar system is 15-20 years. It all considers the post-installation care and maintenance, including the level of service the solar array provides. Overall, the average lifespan of a solar array gives you enough time to recoup your initial investments.