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PV-ezRack®/Fixed Tilt/SolarTerrace™ Eco

Cost-Effective Aluminum Solar Ground Mounting System

Built to Last

Clenergy PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace™ Eco (ST Eco) is a,

  • The pre-assembled ground mounting system for large-scale multi-purpose installation.
  • Compatible to various PV modules.
  • The innovative and unique M-module channel rails make installation quick and precise.


Top Feature

With high-quality materials the SolarTerrace™ Eco

  • Is highly corrosion-resistant which makes it a perfect choice for areas with higher salinity.
  • It is also time and cost-effective, especially when it comes to delivering large-scale projects.

It comes in 3 x base structure strength variations,

  • A-Shape | Low – Medium
  • N-Shape | High
  • W-Shape | Very High

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Key Benefits
• Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Using anodized aluminum and SUS304 stainless steel,the system performs well even in the most corrosive environments, such as coastal areas.

• Easy and Fast Installation

The support legs of Solar Terrace™ Eco are completely pre-assembled which only need to be opened up and secured to the foundation. They even have the positioning rail clamps pre-installed, so you don’t need measure and mark rail positions anymore.

• Cost-Effective

The newly designed rail for Solar Terrace™ Eco adopts an innovative structure and has three sizes. Combined with three types of support, ST Eco offers more options for more specific requirements. With better designed system, less structure is required which means less financial costs.

• Base Mounting Gear Strength

The Eco series offers 3 x Durability Structures | A-Shape - Low- Medium | N-Shape - High | W-Shape - Very High

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