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PV-ezRack®/Fixed Tilt/SolarTerrace™ II-F

Pre-assembled, Durable Ground Mount Frame with Ramming


  • Pre-assembled ground mount system
  • Suitable for utility-scale PV installations
  • Suitable for high wind load and snow load regions
  • Flexibility – Can be installed on uneven or sloppy regions

Built to Last

This quality frame is trimmed at every angle for fast deployment reducing labour costs.

It was designed with a unique post profile which allows reduced embedment and therefore saves on material and labour.

Furthermore, it has an industry-leading 80μm hot-dip galvanization and 10μm anodization thickness as standard which ensures longevity & durability.

These features, combined with its high grade of pre-assembly make SolarTerrace™ ll-F one of the best ground mount systems you can find.

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Key Benefits
• Reduced Labour Costs

Through our unique, patented component design and pre-assembled supports, labour time and costs are greatly reduced.

• Reduced Component Costs

Our single C-Post solution was designed specifically for ramming, which makes the ramming could be completed in a short time and helps to reduce labor cost. This unique sectional profile results in an increased friction against up-lift force comparing with conventional standard posts or I-beams, and they are all manufactured from high strength steel Q355B, which provides robust support for the whole mounting system.

• Wide Range of Adjustments

As ramming can never be 100% accurate, the Post head is designed with sufficient horizontal rotation and vertical adjustments. This combined with a generous design tolerance levels makes it easy to get the panels perfectly aligned even if the ramming isn’t 100%. With the optional East-west adjustable bracket, SolarTerrace™ II-F can conquer even the steeply sloped land.

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